Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 Bizarre Flavored Instant Noodles

Being half Korean, I grew up eating instant noodles on a weekly basis. My mom used to put  everything in instant noodles,  including eggs, kimchi, fish cakes, spam and jalapenos. Instant noodles were cheap and easy to make, especially for me and my brother, who often had to cook for ourselves while our mom was out working two jobs.

We didn't discriminate on the type of instant noodles we ate, either. Sometimes we bought the cheap Maruchan ramen noodle packs in the grocery store that came five for a dollar, sometimes we bought the instant Japanese Sapporo Ichiban noodles in the Asian market.

I personally preferred either chicken or spicy flavored instant noodles, while my brother preferred the beef flavored. I really thought that there wasn't much else out there in regards to instant noodle flavors. Boy was I wrong! There are actually quite a few out there, and some of them are hilarious! Here are my top ten picks for the most bizarre flavors.

10.  "Hello Kitty" Japanese Soy Sauce Flavour Instant Noodles

Is it made with kitties, or does it just feature the annoyingly cute cat on the container?

9. Cup Noodle "Tacos" Instant Noodles

This taco-flavored Cup Noodle is what I call Mexicasian-flavored (Mexican + Asian).  Here's the description from a website: "Tomato soup with the flavor of meat, the smell of tortillas and topped with spices. Also: cabbage, tomato, cheddar cheese, onion, made into ethnic and spicy pungent taste."

8. Knorr "Pizza" Instant Noodles

This is Pakistan's take on an Italian classic. Gross? Maybe. Interesting? Most likely.

7. Batchelor's Super Noodle "Bacon Flavour" Instant Noodles

 Bacon is truly good in everything, even noodles. This tasty treat comes straight from Britain!

6. "Chappagetti" Instant Noodles

When I say this out loud I feel like I'm an angry Italian.

5. Cup Noodle "Milk Seafood" Instant Noodles

Two words: hell no.

4.  "Hello Lazy" Instant Noodles

Finally, a name that calls out the person who is too lazy to make REAL noodles!

3. "Smack" Instant Noodles

 Maybe they're so spicy they smack the taste out of your mouth, or maybe they're made with heroin.

2.  Grace "Cock Flavour" Instant Noodles

I'm assuming this is chicken or rooster flavored, but you never know...

1. "Fuku" Superior Soup Instant Noodles

Hands down (and chopsticks up) this is the most bizarre name. Great to recommend to a coworker who you really hate!

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