Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 Highlights from the Firefly Music Festival 2012

Back in the day you used to be able to see your favorite band perform for a few bucks at a local dive bar or in a mall food court. But today the rising cost of concert tickets is shocking. According to ABCnews, "A ticket to a Rolling Stones concert cost about $8 in 1969. Today, it can cost you up to $350 to get into a Stones show."

That's why when I found out that a one-day ticket to the Firefly Music Festival was only $88, I jumped on the opportunity to go. I mean, where else can you see up to 20 amazing bands perform live for that price?

The Firefly Music Festival is a 3-day music extravaganza held at Dover International Speedway. It is considered the "East Coast's Premiere Music Experience," and for good reason. Here's the entire lineup:

On the particular day that I went, which was Saturday, July 21, my lineup consisted of:

I actually saw Ra Ra Riot, The Felice Brothers, Polica, Cults, Grouplove, Young the Giant, Chiddy Bang, Modest Mouse and Yeasayer.

So, what were my top 10 highlights from the Firefly Music Festival? They were:

10. Cool Logo

The Firefly logo, which was a very cool green and blue color with splashes of light surrounding it, fit the chill mood of the festival perfectly.

9. Big Scary Monster

Walking into and out of the festival you were stopped by the Dover Speedway Monster, a menacing stone figure that held a racecar in one hand and your soul in the other.

8.  Free Filtered Water

You were allowed to bring an empty container into the festival to fill up on free filtered water at these stations.

7. Hammock Hangout

You could get away from the heat and cool down in this hangout, which consisted of drunk people passed out in hammocks.

6. Cults Performing "Oh My God"

As a fan of Cults I was super happy to get a video of them performing their first hit "Oh My God." Above is my very amateur attempt at creating a video reminiscent to VH1'a Pop Up Video.

5. Chiddy Bang Performing "Opposite of Adults"

This was the first song I ever hear from Chiddy Bang. I've been a fan ever since.

4.  Modest Mouse Performing Everything

The entire Modest Mouse performance was awesome. They are one of the rare bands that actually sound like their albums when they perform live. My favorite of their songs included "Float On," "Dashboard" and "The World At Large." I was too far back to get a decent video of them.

3. Ra Ra Riot Performing "Boy"

 Yeah, pretty much all of Ra Ra Riots' songs rocked.

2. Being Introduced to Yeasayer 

Yeasayer was the last band we saw. They were at the stage on the way out, so we decided to watch them. I wasn't very familiar with their music, but I found myself loving each song more than the previous one. They have an 80's pop synthesizer/modern day indie rock vibe that I LOVE. Sadly, my video memory card ran out as I was getting a good song, but I did get this picture.

1.  Chiddy Bang Freestyle

This was by far the highlight of the festival for me. Chiddy Bang took random topics from the crowd and did a freestyle rap that actually made sense! Topics included: smoking weed, ice cream, dolphins, Ninja Turtles, Philly and Wayne's World.

I can happily say that my experience at the Firefly festival was, in one word: fly. It wasn't too overcrowded, all of the bands were good and the Port-O-Potties were actually clean!

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