Sunday, May 29, 2011

CSS Concert in Baltimore = Awesome

I recently had the pleasure of going to see CSS in concert at Ramshead Live in Baltimore. I'm not talking about the CSS associated with web design. I'm talking about an awesome Brazilian rock band whose initials CSS mean "Cansei de Ser Sexy," which means "got tired of being sexy" in Portuguese.

We all get a little tired of being sexy at times, right?

The opening act for CSS was a little known indie rock band from L.A. named Princeton. They reminded me of a cross between Vampire Weekend and Phantom Planet, sprinkled with early Beatles. Very catchy and happy tunes that you can tap your feet to. Apparently they're gaining notoriety because they have opened for bands like Vampire Weekend, Camera Obscura and Ra Ra Riot.

I would suggest buying their album Cocoon of Love. Here's a great song from the album:

Then CSS went on stage, and it was non-stop groovin' until the end of the night. That little Lovefoxxx gal had so much spunk that it was spewing from the stage (along with the water that she spit out into the crowd). Very high-energy and danceable. They were definitely a band that sounds great live.

Me, Lovefoxxx and Noel
Surprisingly the crowd for the concert wasn't too large, so after the show the band members actually mingled with us, and Lovefoxxx was awesome enough to get pictures with everyone!

Here are two videos that I captured with my handy dandy iPhone:

My overall rating of the CSS concert = two thumbs up. Although I was hoping to see them with Sleigh Bells (they have been touring around the U.S. together, but for some reason Sleigh Bells didn't play the Baltimore show) I was impressed with the show. CSS definitely held its own as a headliner, and Princeton was a pleasant surprise.

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