Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Funniest Senior Pictures

It's very rare that you find someone who absolutely loves their senior picture. Most of us are mortified at the mere thought of it.

At least these 10 guys seem perfectly content with their picture. Maybe a little too content.

1. Park It Here, Baby!

2. The Karate Kid's Arch Nemesis

3. Mr. "Fan"-cy Pants

Image: amazingdata
 4. Bon Jovi's Kid Brother

Image: nedhardy

5. I'm Smarter Than Everyone At This School

Image: mymodernmet

6. Yo Mom, Go Make Me a Grilled Cheese Sammich!

7.  Mr. Huggles

Image: camaroz28

8. Spider "Almost-A-Man"

Image: killmydaynow

9. Watch Your Back Justin Timberlake

Image: xaxor

10. Stop Playing Games with My Heart

Image: amazingdata

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