Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Clever Examples of Guerrilla Graffiti

It's always refreshing to discover artists who go "beyond the norm" to make artwork that is beautiful and unique. Instead of using traditional graffiti street art material like paint and spray cans, these two artists get a little more creative.

Scratch Graffiti

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto has created a fascinating series of murals known as “Scratching the Surface.” Using nothing but a splash of paint and tools such as jackhammers, picks and mallets, he literally “scratches” the surface of buildings to create amazing murals.

These edgy murals have been featured on buildings around the world, including Italy, London, Moscow, Portugal and New York City.

Moss Graffiti

Hungary-born artist Edina Tokodi creates animal-inspired moss graffiti on neighborhood walls throughout Brooklyn, New York.


In an article in Inhabitat Tokodi says, “I think that our distance from nature is already a cliché. City dwellers often have no relationship with animals or greenery. As a public artist I feel a sense of duty to draw attention to deficiencies in our everyday life.”

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