Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Cool Ways to Recycle Books

Despite how cool and convenient e-book readers are, I'm still a sucker for a good old fashioned paperback. There's just something special about holding a book in your hand and turning the pages. I guess not everyone shares in my enthusiasm for this because bookstores everywhere are going out of business.

Although I'm not big into destroying books for the mere pleasure of it, I do support artists who can turn books into innovative pieces of art. Here are 5 perfect examples.

1. Wall Art

This amazing wall decoration was designed by Slovakian artist Matej Krén.

 Image: Piecefleet

2.  Gas Station
Dutch artist Job Koelewijn created this gas station replica from the covers of his own books.

Image: flickr
3. Jewelry

British artist Jeremy Mays transforms pages from vintage books and turns them into unique pieces of jewelry.

 Image: Littlefly
4. Planter

Italy-based compnay Gardenkultur turns old hardback books into leak-free planters.

Image: Gartenkultur 
5. Bookshelf

Artist Jim Rosenau takes donated and found books, adds a few pieces of lumber, and molds them into bookshelves and other pieces of furniture.

 Image: This into That 

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  1. The way people learn and enjoy and retain knowledge is with a tactile object. So many people are visual that when they remember a favorite story or a favorite moment, they can actually picture that page, that picture, the feel of the paper, the font— it's a piece of art. Books are a piece of art and they're never going away. They're always going to be amazing gifts and amazing friends. They are so great to share and reuse.