Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Cool Ways to Recycle Cassette Tapes

Sadly, the days of making mixed tapes and recording your favorite songs off the radio are over. Cassette tapes are a thing of the past. They've been taken over by mp3s and iTunes. You're lucky if you can even find a box of them at a thrift store or garage sale.

If you do happen to find some old cassette tapes lying around and you don't have a way to listen to them, you can recycle them into something cool and useful. Here are 10 examples. 

1. Portraits

Artist Erika Iris Simmons creates amazing portraits from discarded cassette tape.

Images: flickr

2. Skull-ptures

Atlanta-based Artist Brian Dettmer melts and reshapes old cassette tapes into cool skeletons.

Images: designboom

3. Wallet

Carry your money in style with these wallets made by Italian artist Marcella Foschi.

Images: designboom

4. Lamp

This lamp box was made by tying cassette tapes together.

Image: ooomydesign
5. Book

Etsy seller Somavenus created this cool book for taking notes.

Image: etsy

6. Closet

Designer Patrick Schuur created this "cassette tape closet" by using 918 cassette tapes that were individually screwed into a wooden frame. 
 Image: creativebarn
7. iPhone Case

This flashy case is featured in Mama Studio's Etsy shop.

Image: etsy

8. Desk Organizer

This desk organizer is made from 12 cassette tapes that were part of a "Sushi for Beginners" audio book.

Image: etsy
9. Belt

Hold your pants up in style with this cool belt from Uliver's Etsy shop.

Image: etsy
10. Yarn

This cassette tape yarn is handspun and blended with merino and silk.

Image: etsy

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