Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Awesomely Bad 80's Songs That I Love

I was born in 1980, so I can't help but love everything about the decade. The big hair, the leg warmers, the L.A. Gear shoes, the jean jackets. Besides the awfully awesome style of the 80's, I would have to say that it's music was also so bad that it was good.

Here are 10 bad 80's songs that I am ashamed to admit that I LOVE.
1. Hall & Oates - "You Make My Dreams Come True"

Darryl Hall and John Oates were the dynamic duo of the 70's and 80's. They created memorable pop classics such as "Rich Girl," "Maneater," "Private Eyes," "Kiss on My List" and this finger-snapping, head-bobbing, can't-help-but-make-you-smile song. Joseph Gordon-Levitt even paid homage to this song through a choreographed dance montage in the very cool indie flick (500) Days of Summer.

2.  Def Leppard - "Love Bites"

No matter how many people make fun of this hair band, I'm not ashamed to admit that I think they're awesome. Not only does Def Leppard have Rick Allen, a one-armed drummer also named the "Thunder God," but they also have the claim to fame for writing "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Plus, how can you not like a song whose lyrics begin with, "When you make love, do you look in the mirror?"

3.  Wham! - "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"

I don't care that George Michal got busted for lewd conduct in a public bathroom. This video, which is full of tight shorts, neon pink shirts and glow-in-the-dark people doing the jitterbug, was all the lewd conduct that I needed in the 80s.

4.  Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Four words: You Got Rick Rolled! I did, and I liked it.

5.  Phil Collins - "Sussudio"

Phil Collins was great in the band Genesis, but he was even better as a solo act. Every time I hear this song I think of a scene in the film American Psycho with Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale long before he was the Dark Knight). If you know what I'm referring to, you will probably agree with me that it's both disturbing and hilarious.

6. Journey - "Don't Stop Believing"
This song was good enough to be used in The Sopranos season finale, so it's good enough for me.

7.  Lionel Richie - "Dancing on the Ceiling"

I was torn between choosing this song or "Hello" as my favorite Lionel Richie song. I think it's awesome that a blind woman is sculpting a likeness of Lionel's head in "Hello," but I think it's even more awesome that in this video, Lionel can maintain a perfect Jheri Curl while dancing upside down on the ceiling.

8.  Starship - "We Built This City"

A statue of Abraham Lincoln comes to life and begins singing the song lyrics. What isn't cool about that?

 9. Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"

This song was made famous in Sylvester Stallone's hit film Rocky III. An interesting fact: Stallone almost went with Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" for the Rocky theme song, but he couldn't get permission from the band to use it. I'm glad he went with this song because it's all about the "thrill of the fight."

 10.   Joe Esposito - "You're the Best"

The Karate Kid was a masterpiece of 80's cinema thanks to Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and this awesome song. It makes me feel like I can kick any Cobra Kai student's butt!

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