Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 Cool 80’s-Themed Gadgets

Oh the 80’s. It was a decade of cheesy synthesized pop music, slap bracelets, Aqua Net hairspray, jean jackets and cassette tapes. The Brat Packers ruled the movie theaters, Michael Jackson was so “Bad” he was good, and The ThunderCats kept kids glued to their T.V. sets.

Even though it’s been over 30 years since people felt the burn of St. Elmo’s Fire, they can still relive their 80’s angst with these cool modern-day gadgets.

1. Pac Man Stapler

Image: Vat19

Milton from Office Space never would have misplaced this cool stapler. It’s called the Stap-Man, and it’s inspired by the immensely popular Pac-Man arcade game.

2. Mix Tape USB Flash Drive

Image: MIXA

Everyone made mix tapes in the 80s. A mix tape was the ultimate gift to give someone that you liked. Instead of talking to your crush, you could express how you felt through the song lyrics of Madonna, Lionel Richie, Foreigner and Debbie Gibson. Since cassette tapes are obsolete nowadays, you can be reminded of them with these cool “design-your-own” mix tape USB flash drives.

3. Star Wars Stormtrooper Fold Up Headphones


The next time you go to a Star Wars convention forget about wearing that immensely
uncomfortable (and hard to use the bathroom in) Stormtrooper costume. Just wear these
headphones and the force will be with you.

4. ThunderCats Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Image: Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Who wouldn’t want Lion-O and his Sword of Omens to wake them up at the crack of dawn? This is definitely better than the Pee Wee Herman voice activated digital alarm clock.

5. Etch a Sketch® iPhone 4 Case

Image: Headcase

In the 80s kids didn’t have high tech toys like the Xbox or Wii. Instead, they used their imagination to create works of art (or so they thought) with the Etch a Sketch®. Now you can apply the aesthetics of this ancient gadget to your ultra modern iPhone.

6. Ghostbusters Wristwatch

Image: Bonanza

Bill Murray. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Slimer. Proton Packs. Ray Parker Jr. singing the theme song. Need I say more? With this cool watch you can tell people the correct time and tell them who they’re gonna call.

7. Knight Rider Electric Car

Image: HobbyTron

Long before David Hasselhoff took his shirt off for Baywatch, and even longer before he appeared in a video eating a cheeseburger while drunk, the Hoff was Michael Knight, star of Knight Rider. The other star of the show was KITT, Knight’s badass talking Trans Am. This is a brand new scaled version of KITT, complete with a turbo boost function.